These Terms & Conditions governs Contactless.io OÜ & Contactless QSTP LLC services used by the End Users (as defined below).

A. Introduction

Contactless.io OÜ  and its associated group entities (Contactless QSTP LLC, Technovations LLC), hereafter referred to as (Contactless Group) provides its End Users a System Software that caters event registration platform facilitating creation of online registration for events, conferences, meetings, and management of attendees.

By accepting this Terms & Conditions, or by using the Contactless Group software solutions, the End User formally give the consent to the Terms & Conditions of this agreement on behalf of himself, the company, and its affiliates.

B. Purpose & Definitions

This document constitutes the entire agreement and manage the relationship between Contactless Group and its End Users. Contactless Group reserves the right to provide special conditions in relation to the provision of additional specific services.

·         End User

The user or users who purchase and use the Services of Contactless Group.

·         Services

Any service, including the Software, provided by Contactless Group through the website.

·         Software

Software application as described above and related licensed materials and data, access to which is granted to the End User under this Terms & Conditions.

C. End User’s Obligations

·         End User may not copy, modify, distribute, sell, or lease any part of the Site, Application and Services. To the extent permitted by law, the End User may not reverse engineer or attempt to extract the source code of the Site, Application and Services.

·         The End User shall be responsible for the adequacy and accuracy of all data that they provide to their Contactless Group or MICEtribe account.

·         Contactless Group shall provide the Software to the End User subject to payment of fees as software as a service in accordance with the Agreement.

·         The End User shall take reasonable precautions to protect the password against loss or unauthorized use of user ID and password. If the End User suspects any security breach to their account by third parties, the End User is asked to immediately contact Contactless Group at the following email address help@contactless.io and change their password as soon as possible. Contactless Group assumes no responsibility for any damage resulting from the non-diligent custody of the password and users account.

·         The End User shall remain solely responsible for the Personal Data of their event attendees and any information, image or other content transmitted and uploaded by End User within the Software shall fully remain with the End User.

D. Additional Services

Contactless Group can, on request, and for a separate price, provide additional services to the End User beyond the functionality of the Site, including, but not limited to, the rent of registration equipment, manpower supply, badges, and lanyard supply.

E. Limitation of Liability

·         Contactless Group will not be liable for any consequences arising from the breach by the  End User of its obligations to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the matter of protecting their attendees personal data, in which the End User are Data Controllers.

·         Contactless Group provides a platform for End Users to create and manage their own events. Contactless Group does not produce or organize events. Therefore, any form of direct or indirect responsibility related to the events will be the sole responsibility of the End User.

F. Intellectual Property Rights

The Site, Services and related software are owned by Contactless Group. All rights and intellectual property rights in the Site, the Services and the related software are and will remain Contactless Group property.

G. Confidentiality

Contactless Group and its End Users agree to keep the Confidential Information they receive from the other party in confidence and to not disclose any of it to a third party or use it for its own benefit without previous consent of the other party in writing. They shall not disclose Confidential Information, except to their employees who are legally bound to keep such Confidential Information.

They may only use such Confidential Information to exercise their rights and fulfil their obligations under the Agreement and shall take reasonable measures to avoid unauthorized disclosure or misuse of Confidential Information.

H. Data Protection Policy

Contactless.io OÜ and its End Users shall comply with any applicable laws concerning the protection of personal data including but not limited to the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Please refer to the Contactless.io OÜ Data Protection Policy for further information.

I. Termination

The End User, at any time, can stop using the System and Services without prior notice.

In such cases that a breach of these Terms & Conditions or misuse of the Services, Contactless Group has the right to terminate the End Users account and access to the Services without prior notice and without any financial liability.

In the event of non-payment by the End User, Contactless Group has the right to restrict access to the Services.  End User agrees that such restrictions do not change the due amounts under your Agreement.

J. Governing Law

These Terms & Conditions shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Qatar and/or The Republic of Estonia.

K. Modifications to the Terms & Conditions

Contactless Group reserve the right to amend any part of these Terms & Conditions by posting updates and changes to our website. It is the End User’s responsibility to regularly check our website for updates.

Your continued use of our Services following the effectiveness of any updates to these Terms & Conditions constitutes acceptance of those updates. If any updates to these Terms & Conditions is not acceptable to you, you should cease from accessing and using our Services.

L. Contact Information

If you have any questions, complaints, or comments about our Services that you would like to raise, you may contact us at: help@contactless.io