Deliver a safe & contactless event experience

With our complete onsite solution you have all the tools you need to run a fully contactless or touchless event registration & check-in experience.

Electronic badges

The first thing that appears on MICEtribe confirmation emails is the event branding followed by the name & category of the attendee and their unique QR-Code. This thoughtful, mobile friendly design allows your visitor to simply use the confirmation email as an event electronic badge, eliminating the need to download attachments, or install apps just to have an electronic version their badge


Contactless self printing

Another great feature MICEtribe offers is the “Contactless self printing” this feature allows your visitors to simply place their e-badges in front of a optical scanner to automatically print a physical version of their name badge. With such feature you can give a name badge to all of your attendees without touching any surfaces or getting in contact with other individuals.

Contactless check-in

With the MICEtribe free check-in/out app you can have a complete event contactless check in experience.

Simply scan the attendee QR-Code using any smart phone, or use one of our scanners to scan the QR-Code from a distance up to 2 meters, the result is a complete check in experience without touching any surfaces, tapping any readers or getting close to anyone

Contactless check in

Monitor & control the capacity across multiple zones.

The zone capacity dashboard lets you precisely monitor the headcount at your venue and all its sub locations in real time.

You can also share it with your exhibitors so they can monitor the traffic on their own zones individually.

This is a great feature to showcase at your event entrance to give both your attendees and regulating authorities the confidence they need in your event by insuring all parties that your are following the proper social distancing measures.

Ready to run your first "Contactless Event"?