Organizers Enabled by MICEtribe

Packed yet simple event management software.

Powerful and scalable for all event types and sizes, yet simple enough for any experience level, wether you are an eventech guru or pushed into the game, MICEtribe will give you and your team all of the needed tools to run a successful event.

With MICEtribe your team can create in-person, virtual or hybrid event experiences with few simple clicks.

  • Build & publish multilingual registration forms

  • Accept credit card payments in multiple currencies

  • Automate confirmations, event communication & reminders​

  • Print name tags, badges, bracelets or attendance certificates

  • Control event access with MICEtribe onsite solution​

  • Track your event traffic, capacity & revenue in realtime​

    Safe contactless registration for your In-Person & Hybrid events.

    With MICEtribe complete onsite solution you have all the tools you need to run a fully contactless or touchless event registration & check-in experience.

    Deliver a new virtual experience with every event you host.

    The uniqueness of MICEtribe is in its ability to combine multiple event apps into one event experience. Why is that important? Because every event is different & requires its own “Tech Recipe” to stay unique and memorable.

    Unlike other event management platforms, MICEtribe gives you the full freedom in designing your hybrid events, so you can mix & match the event apps you need and deliver a true engaging experience for both your in-person & virtual attendees.

    Hybrid event builder
    Hybrid event selection
    Let's make it

    We really know the struggle here!

    Adapt to constant changes and surprises without stress. The lean approach we introduced in MICEtribe will allow you to easily switch between event formats with few simple clicks.

    Link any video conferencing or matchmaking app to MICEtribe and let it automate the whole process for you. No data migration or manual calculations anymore.

    Monitor precisely your venue capacity across multiple zones.

    The zone capacity dashboard lets you precisely monitor the headcount in your venue and all its sub locations in real time.

    You can also share it with your exhibitors so they can monitor the traffic of their own zones individually.

    This is a great feature to showcase at your event entrance to give both your attendees and regulating authorities the confidence they need in your event by insuring your are following proper social distance measures.

    Venue Capacity Dashboard

    Clear detailed confirmations

    MICEtribe automated confirmations includes everything your attendees will need in one place, no need to download other apps or receive multiple emails to figure out how to “get the best” out of your event.

    With MICEtribe automated confirmations your attendees will get:

    • Your event branding
    • Attendee unique QR code
    • Customized notes & information about the event
    • The event schedule with custom notes about each day
    • Navigable event venue map
    • Virtual event launcher, linked to the apps of your choice
    • Payment confirmation receipt
    • Your social media accounts

    Onsite Solution

    Our On-Site solution let’s you grant your part-time crew time limited access to specific events.

    MICEtribe crew application allows your team to perform every task they need on-site such as: 

    • Register your walk-in attendees
    • Search & edit pre-registrants if needed
    • Resend confirmations/e-badges
    • Print badges, name tags and bracelets
    • Check in/out attendees
    • Circulate important messages across the team

    Ready to organize your first event?